Meet the pastors!

Who Are We?

We are Stefan and Melvina Lakhichand, the senior leaders of Heaven Designed Life. We are youthful, loving, family orientated and crazy about growing in God! We love to meet new people. God has given you great talents He wants to use for the earth.

And we believe that a church family is important to develop us and help us discovering our purpose in God. And as leaders we are here to serve you, help you, pray for you and strengthen you where-ever we can. We have two beautiful children, Samuel and Adri-Elle and live in The Netherlands.

Meet Stefan

Called as an apostle, Stefan is a pioneer, a builder and leader in the Body of Christ. With a strong teaching grace, he strengthens the believers and is able to push them to a next level in their walk with God. Besides his function in Church, Stefan currently works as a government manager at the City of The Hague. He also owns Public Transformation, a publishing company that gives a voice to new and young authors. Stefan has a master’s degree in business economics and is specialized in leadership and management.

Meet Melvina

Melvina is called as a prophet with a great spiritual discernment. Always sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit, she has the ability to release God’s voice to the Body of Christ. Besides her function in Church, Melvina owns the social enterprise ISHA, the Institute for Strengthening Her Abilities. With ISHA, Melvina empowers women and girls to become the strong and valuable female God has called them to be. She trains groups and works as a Values Coach. Melvina holds an LL.B in Law and is currently busy with her LL.M. in Globalization and Law.

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