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Welcome to Heaven Designed Life! We are a young and vibrant church family where every family member will feel at home. With us, your race, cultural background, age or gender really does not matter. You will find a great home in HD-Life. If you are already established in life, we will help you become more successful. If you’re just starting out, we will help you make the right decisions forward. If you face challenges currently or need help with dealing with your past, we make sure to support you and help you be an overcomer.

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These are the ministries that serve at HD-life.


Men's Ministry

We teach men their new identity in Christ, build strong brotherly relationships, and equip men to serve, lead and influence in every area of their lives.


Women's ministry

As women made in God’s image and likeness, we believe that true identity is found in Him and that whatever we are called to be in this lifetime should flow from knowing who we are in Him.


Kids Ministry

In HD-Life we believe that the spiritual education of our children starts at home.


Pastoral Ministry

We as HD – Life see shepherding as an central part of ministry. The Pastoral Ministry is described in scripture as a Shepherd.


Community Ministry

As church family we understand the importance of being active in the community.



We believe in discipleship and how paramount it is in Christian growth.

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